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100 Best Black Films of All Time

29 Black Oscar Winners

Wait a minute, Oscar isn't all THAT White. More than two dozen Black actors or filmmakers have taken Oscar back to their 'hood', and I mean  Beverly Hills, London, or Central Park West, baby.

AFI's 100 Greatest American Films

I love this list because I love the American Film Institute and it has a handy check box feature that counts the ones you've seen and gives you a total at the bottom of the list. COOL! 

100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

Ok, there are LOTS of pathetic sci-fi lists, but this one is pretty good, even if I DON'T agree with the Top Ten section of the list. But it's from London so there are a few films here that we don't usually see (and no, Tremors isn't on it, honest!) 

The 88 Best Picture Winners

This list is proof that ANYONE can make up a list and publish it. I disagree with almost every comment, BUT it also lists the other nominees (helpful) and movies made in the same year that weren't even nominated (trivia bingo!).  

Chick Flicks for Smart Women

An unfortunate title but a savvy list. A few of my guilty pleasures are here, like Hysteria and Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, but stop at #50, the remaining 30 or so titles are from TV. So it's as padded as a 1956 bra.

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