Need a Movie? Check Out These Best Movies Lists

100 Best Black Films of All Time


You can't have a best movies list section without one from But, I'll vet this list with my crew to see if we are in sync. So far, I don't see any glaring omissions. So enjoy it 

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The 29 Black Oscar Winners in 90 Years


Wait a minute, Oscar isn't all that White. More than two dozen actors or filmmakers have taken the Oscar back to the 'hood', and I mean Beverly Hills, London, or Central Park West, baby.

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AFI's 100 Greatest American Films


I love this list because I love the American Film Institute and it has a handy check box feature that counts the ones you've seen and gives you a total at the bottom of this best movies list, COOL!

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100 Best Sci-Fi Movies


Ok, there are LOTS of pathetic sci-fi lists, but this one is pretty good, even if I DON'T agree with the Top Ten section of this list. But, it's from London so there are a few fiolms here that we don't usually see (and no, Tremors isn't on it, honest!)


The Best Picture Winners (88)


This list is proof that ANYONE can make up a best movies list and publish it. I disagree with almost every comment, BUT it also lists the other nominees (helpful) and movies made in the same year that weren't nominated ( trivia bingo!).

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Chick Flicks for Smart Women


An unfortunate title but a savvy best movies list. A few of my guilty pleasures are here, like Hysteria and Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. But, stop at #50, the remaining 30 or so titles are from TV, so it's as padded as a 1956 bra.

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